Easy Layered Enchilada

I have another easy recipe to share. This time I didn't get a video made while preparing it because, well, kids. Ha!  If you missed the video for the polish, don't know what to call it, easy recipe, check out my Facebook Page here. This recipe is one I have had for years. It was... Continue Reading →

Just make progress!

I cannot tell you how happy I am that the left side of my kitchen sink is cleared. It has been a week. Seriously, a week! This week was an extremely busy week for us. Being self employed, the week before a holiday is always busy.  If we have any hope of taking time off,... Continue Reading →

Phew…I made it!

Wow! That was a whirlwind shopping trip. My plan was to shop this weekend and I had a planned budget of $100.00, but for two weeks this time instead of one. I have been going over things in my head as usual and was going to sit down and prepare tomorrow evening. Well, today it... Continue Reading →

Credit Free = Being Free

I wanted to take a moment to talk a bit about being credit free and how amazing it is! We decided over 10 years ago that we were no longer going to use our credit cards and just completely stopped cold turkey. Our trip to Niagara Falls to get married was our last purchase on... Continue Reading →

Winging it…and it worked!

I have found myself back to shopping mostly at Aldi and Walmart with an occasional trip to the local grocery stores. It makes grocery shopping so much simpler. I honestly believe that you can shop at any store and stay within your budget if you really try, but I find that shopping at Aldi I... Continue Reading →

I can do this…

Well, hello friends! What a week! It was a super busy week for us and to top it all off, three out of the four of us were feeling super yucky by Friday! What also threw me off was that we had to work half a day on Saturday, which meant that grocery shopping wasn't... Continue Reading →

Week two progress…

Well, after my shopping for two weeks, we made it through one and I needed to go to the store again. I spent about $40.00 so added to last week's total of just over $80.00, we still are in good shape for a two week period. We will have meals through mid week and I... Continue Reading →

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